Siegecraft TD - Help - Enemies in depth

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click Listed here are all the enemies that appear in Siegecraft TD and their detailed stats:

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Lizard EnemyHealthSpeedNotes
Temple Guard201.8 
Bigger Brute751.8 
Baby Pterodactyl252.4Flies
Crazed Ptero (pterodactyl)403.0Flies
Psycho Ptero753.6Flies
Great Dimi (dimetrodon)4000.6 
Elder Dimi8000.8 
Armor Llama601.6 
Llama Rider90 + 452.2 + 1.2Spawns riders on death
Sturdy Troll20001.8 
Balrog12001.4Immune to slow
Tribal Dragon50000.8Flies


Lizard Baby

Safety in numbers, that's how lizards live and baby lizards more so.  Attacking in groups of threes, these lizards can hurt in the first couple of waves click the following article.


Lizard Grunt The lizard swarm is called a swarm for a reason and that is because when lizards attack, they attack in masses!  The grunt is the most basic lizard you will come across.


Temple Guard

click here Shaman Oxytonk's most loyal followers make up the Temple Guard.  Rigorously trained, these grunts are much more dangerous.


Lizard Hero

Only the toughest grunts live long enough to be red-skins.  The Lizard Hero is by far the toughest lizard per pound!