Siegecraft TD - Help - Multiplayer Buildings

source Here you will find all the details of the different buildings, siege engines and upgrades that can be done in the multiplayer part of Siegecraft TD.

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continue reading The Barracks is a very important building that improves your offensive capability.  It has two upgrade branches, increasing the maximum number of Knights you can hold and then increasing the strength of those Knights.

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Capacity UpgradeCostCapacity
No Barracks built 4
1 - Barracks built2 turns8
22 turns12
33 turns16


Strength UpgradeCostHealthSpeed
No Barracks built 5001.2
1 - Barracks built2 turns8001.3
22 turns15001.6
33 turns25001.8



Gold Mine

Building a Gold Mine on your province will save you the hassle of having to use the Mine action, plus by upgrading the Gold Mine you can get some very tasty bonuses!

LevelCostGold per turnAdditional gold when mining
12 turns50 gold100 gold
22 turns100 gold150 gold
33 turns150 gold200 gold

You can also upgrade the Gold Mine with a Global Upgrade, which will take 5 turns, but will then add the same Gold per turn that the province is gaining to all of your provinces. This is a very powerful upgrade, but because of the time needed to build it, it makes it more useful in long games than in short games.


Sheep Farm

Only "home-base" provinces are able to build Sheep Farms.  Once built they will add Sheep to your province every few turns.

LevelCostTurns per Sheep
12 turns4
22 turns3
33 turns2



Attacking with Knights on their own can be a useful tactic and will sometimes succeed in taking control of a province.  Send one (or more) of these bad boys as well and you increase your chances of success considerably.  Each Catapult will destroy between 1 to 3 of your opponent's towers (walls included) before the Catapult itself fails.  Imagine the pain your opponent will feel when their fully upgraded Dragon tower gets reduced to a pile of rubble!  It takes 2 turns to build a Catapult and it must be accompanied by at least 1 Knight in an attack.




Want to know when an enemy is ripe for taking over??  Then build a Dirigible and deploy it on your opponent's province.  Once a Dirigible is deployed in a province you are able to view the layout of the defense of that province at any time.  It takes 1 turn to build and then another 1 turn to deploy.