Siegecraft TD - Help - Multiplayer Game Play

Here you can find a detailed explanation of all the rules for the Multiplayer game in Siegecraft TD, as well as some tips and strategies that you can use to be victorious!  

The Game

this web page In Siegecraft TD Multiplayer games, you are fighting against up to 4 players to get the most points, or to defeat all your opponents before the rounds run out. Each player starts the game with one province which is their "home-base". If this province is destroyed, that player is eliminated from the game. A province owner can be identified by the colour of the glow surrounding the province, which matches up to a player's colour. The beginning of a 2-player match looks like this:


click The game is played asynchronously, which means that each player has their turn in their own time. When it is your turn, there are 2 stages that you will go through.

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Defending Provinces To begin your turn, you must defend each of your provinces. This involves fighting off two waves of Lizards in a Tower Defense for each province. But there are some additional points to be aware of when defending your provinces.

check this out Firstly, each province is separate from any other province. You will have a different set of towers, gold amount, lives remaining, and different lizards attacking. When you defend a province on the first turn, your next turn will pick up where you left off in that province. On top of that, every turn that a province is owned by a player, the Lizards attacking you will progressively get more and more powerful.

Also at this time, you will have to fight off any attacks from other players. Performing an attack is outlined below in Choosing Actions. A player can send Knights, which are powerful units that will walk through your defense like the Lizards, or Catapults, which will begin the level by destroying a few of your towers at random, weakening your defenses.

If you lose all of your lives in a province while defending, you will lose control of that province. The towers will remain there, as well as any left over gold, so if you take over the province again you will continue defending. If you were attacked by one or more players when you lost your remaining sheep, then the player that sent the most Knights will gain control of your province. If two or more players both sent the same amount of Knights, then the player with the highest upgraded Barracks Strength will gain control of the province. If this is also equal, then one of the players will gain control of the province at random.

Choosing Actions

After you have defended all of your provinces, you are able to choose an action for each province under your control. 


The attack action allows you to send your knights into battle against opposing provinces. It also allows you to send any catapults you may have built to fight enemy players.

Provinces can perform an attack action against any other province that it is directly touching it. To perform an attack, you must have at least one Knight (see Train action) or one Catapult (see Build action).

If your attack target is a neutral province that is controlled by Lizards, then there will be a number above the Lizard's head showing how strong the defense is. To control this province, you must send at least that many Knights with an attack. If your attack target is a player-controlled province, then the number of Knights sent will make more Knights battle through their defense.

If two or more players both attack the same province, and that province will change owner, then the player that sent the most Knights will gain control. If two or more players are sending the same number of Knights, then the player with the highest Barracks Strength upgrade (see Build action) will gain control of the province. If two or more players also have the same Barracks Strength upgrade, then the winner will be assigned at random.



The Build action allows you to build and upgrade a number of different things to assist you in defeating your enemies.

You can improve you offensive power with a Barracks or a Catapult, or your defensive power with a Gold Mine or Sheep Farm. Most buildings will take more than one turn to finish, and will remain in the province for the rest of the game.

For a full outline of what you can build, take a look at Multiplayer Buildings.



The Mine action will give the province a boost of gold, adding 50 gold.

If you have built a Gold Mine in the province, then the gold boost will be higher when performing a Mine action.




The Train action will give you one additional Knight to use for attacks. This is extremely useful, as attacking is the only way to expand your Kingdom, and to help you destroy your opponents.

Note that there is a limit to the maximum number of Knights you can control at once, this can be increased by building and upgrading your Barracks.



The View action can be used on any province you control, or any province that you have deployed a Dirigible to. Viewing a province will allow you to see what towers have been built in the province.

You can View provinces as often as you like without taking up an action.



There is a special case for actions, which is in the center province of any map. This province cannot perform any actions while under your control, however it passively gives huge boosts to all of your provinces. On each turn you control the center province, all your provinces will gain 15 Gold and 1 Sheep.


Ending your turn

Once you have selected an action for all of your provinces, you can end your turn. At this point, control of the game will be passed to the next player for them to complete their turn. Once all players have completed their turn and the game comes back to you, you will be able to see all of the actions performed by all players in that round. This will happen before you start defending your provinces - there will be an action-replay showing everything that has happened in the game since the last round.

You can also open up the Summary window to see an overview of all of the actions performed by each player.

Winning the game

To win the game, you must be the player who has the most points at the end of the game, or the last player in control of their home-base. The length of the game depends on the settings chosen when creating a game - a Short game will last for 10 rounds, and a Long game will last for 30 rounds.

Every action you perform will add points to your score, and the results of each tower defense will also add points to your score. To get the most points, you will want to control as many provinces as possible and hold onto them.

When a game is over, you will be able to freely view any province on the map to look at their tower defense layouts. You should take this chance to view your opponents provinces to see what strategies they are using when defending and learn from them so you can improve your own defenses in the next game.


There are two main strategies you can choose to do when playing the game - Kill your opponents, or Get the most points. Each of these options will change how you play the game, and often you will find yourself switching between the two throughout a single game based on the actions of other players.

Kill your opponents

If you want to try to play aggresively and kill your opponents, then you need to build up a powerful offensive army to attack with. The key to building this army is controlling as many provinces as possible so that you can perform multiple actions each turn. You could start the game by attacking as many neutral provinces as possible and taking control of them, while building a Barracks at your base. You might want to try to attack your opponent as quickly as possible before they have time to build up a solid defense, so try to begin attacking their provinces as soon as possible.

To succeed at this approach, you will need to be able to build a strong defense in all of your provinces without any additional gold to help you, so make sure you have played enough Single Player to know all the towers advantages and make the best use of them!

Get the most points

Playing for points is a simpler option, as you will be flooded with extra gold to help you in your tower defenses in all of your provinces. You will want to start off in a similar fashion and take over as many provinces as you can early in the game, and build a Gold Mine at your home-base. If you think you can make it, try to take control of the center province as the bonuses it give will greatly help you in gaining points. Your goal is to build up huge amounts of gold in all your provinces, which will boost the defense score you receive in each province.

Don't worry about attacking your opponent too much, just try to build up your points and survive until the game is over.


Q: What happens if two or more players attack the same province at the same time? Who gains control of the province?

A: The player that sent the most Knights in the attack will gain control of the province. If two or more players sent the same number of Knights, the player with the highest Barracks Strength upgrade will gain control. If two or more players also have the same Barracks Strength Upgrade, then one player will gain control of the province at random.


Q: Why do the neutral provinces controlled by Lizards get stronger every few turns?

A: When left alone, the Lizard defenses will grow in a neutral province, making it harder for you to take over that province. This will happen every 2-3 turns.


Q: When I know I will not be able to defend against another player's attack, should I just sell all my towers? Won't that make it much harder for them to survive when they take control of my province?

A: When a province is lost and given to another player, then any towers sold will be refunded in full to the new player, while any towers you sell while the province is under your control will only refund half the price of the tower. So no, it will not make it any harder for the other player; in fact it will make it easier as they can start a brand new defense any way they like with a large pile of gold. So its in your best interest to defend to the very end, and not to sell your towers.


Q: I want to take on one of the developers of the game! Can I challenge you on GameCenter?

A: Sure! You can add me on GameCenter - my nickname is [BFS] Kyle - invite me to a friendly Multiplayer game!