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Qbism - from concept to the current version of the game.

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The bits you don't usually hear about…

Well it has now been three weeks since we first published Hungry MonstR on the Android Market and nearly two weeks on the iTunes App Store. Sales had a nice, but very short burst on the Android Market thanks to many good reviews on the Android websites. Unfortunately so far for the iOS market we have had no exposure at all from websites or Apple.Anyway even though it has been a month since “fist release” of the game we are only now managing to move on to new development. There is so much PR, marketing and business development opportunities that need to be attended to after a successful launch. I think we shall call Hungry MonstR a success, not many sales yet, but the business opportunities it opened up for us are very exciting.You can hear it here first, The 9 (one of the partners behind the $100M Fund9 for Android development) has agreed to publish both our games, Qbism HD and Hungry MonstR, in mainland China. We are also in negotiations with some other publishers and manufacturers for other regions.Lastly we have just announced the competition with Just Mobile. This took much organising, but it has been a great experience learning what goes into preparing and marketing a competition such as this.Now we are onto the good stuff! Stay tuned for some exciting sneak peaks at our new games…