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Wrap up of 2012

Well it has been a long time between posts and maybe some of you think the team at Blowfish has been asleep since the beginning of the year. Not true! We continue to work hard on our own games, plus games and apps for partners. First a recap of what Blowfish was able to release during 2012

read article New games - Razor Salvation, Vesper Hunt, Infinity Ring #1, Infinity Ring #2, Virtua Fighter 5 Strategy Guide, Priceless Slots 

Ports - Qbism, Hungry MonstR, Siegecraft and Razor Salvation to Windows 8.  Razor Salvation to Android click at this page

see more Updates - Multiple Siegecraft updates for IOS and Android! New content, new features, iPhone 5 specials!

here Wow, what a monster of a year! 6 new games, 5 ports and a few updates. To think that 2013 is going to be even bigger for us is just crazy, but it will be. To finish off 2012 we unveiled our next game in the Siegecraft universe that will be released in Q2 2013...

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There are a couple of teaser images out on the net, plus a video on our YouTube channel.  It's going to be a big game for us and hopefully will be as big a success as the original Siegecraft.  This game is going to be more along the lines of the classical tower defense games.  The official name is Siegecraft TD : Lizardmen.  Here is an exclusive render for blog readers!


Xmas Party Time

Of course it can't be all fun and making games at Blowfish... (really, why not?!)  The studio got to go out Go-Karting for the Xmas party.  Lots of fun to be had, with many people enjoying it more than they thought.  The fastest of us got to hit about 80km/h on a go kart!



Well what can I say.  Two years ago Blowfish Studios started off as a 2 man team, working from my dining table.  Now we've grown into a nice small, tight knit team of about 13 people in a little studio, depending on which freelancers are helping us out.  Every member of the team contributes to all our projects in some form or another, even if it is simply providing feedback or ideas.  Our games aren't perfect (yet), but I think we are upholding our goals of creating high quality and fun games!  

I would say our partners tend to agree too.  Siegecraft was featured again for the IOS 6 and iphone 5 launch, it has a demo installed on iPad Minis all across the world in Apple and other retail stores.  Hungry MonstR was featured on the Windows 8 App Store and we had all our games available at the launch.  Nvidia continues to amaze us with their mobile hardware, so we continue to optimise any games we can for their platforms.  Lastly, but by no means least, Unity keep outdoing themselves by providing us the BEST tool to create games for a multitude of platforms and they graciously keep working with us to make our games as good as possible.

While 2012 was an expansion year, I'm really excited by what we are attempting to achieve in 2013.  Keep an eye out for some amazing games from us for both ourselves and for our partners!  Happy Holidays!


A New Home

Well we've been quiet for a while now, and it's really that things have been extremely busy at Blowfish.  So busy infact, that we've had to expand the Blowfish team!  To make room for everyone we've been organising a new office and finally we are in the new studio.

Empty Office 01

Empty office waiting for the Blowfish studio!


Aaron at the temporary desk, nicknamed "Bob".


Ikea desks, seconded tables and office chairs start inhabiting the office.


Computers all set up now in room 01, almost there.


The second room is nearly complete and ready for all night game dev sessions!


We even have a mini conference room!


Anyways, very soon we'll start releasing news on our latest game and a new update for Siegecraft, so stay tuned in!