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Razor Salvation Theme Music

We are happy to release the theme music to SALVATION! This song was composed by the brilliant Sean Beeson, who creates some truly inspiring music.


Also if people want to join the closed beta of Salvation on Facebook, enlist at:



Sneak Peek

Well we've had a very busy last few months, what with the SIEGECRAFT launch on iOS and Android, the holiday season and then moving into a new studio.  The Blowfish team has also been very busy working on a new game!  And we are ready to show a little to any blog readers ;)So here it is, RAZOR SALVATION!SALVATION is the first episode in a series of games that will tell the story of a group of people who survive "First Contact" and then go on to help with humankind's defence against the Xenos.  Each game in the series will progress the story line and be a slightly different game to the others in the series.In SALVATION you play as a faceless hero, attempting to rescue as many of your fellow citizens as you can. This is a "beach head" style defence game, where you have first person control over a variety of weapons.  The environment is fully destructible and the Xenos will make use of cover, both pre-defined and dynamic.The RAZOR series will feature state of the art graphics and extremely addictive game play.  SALVATION is lucky to have two extra awesome contributors.  My old mentor, Russel Bartley, who is Lead Programmer on this title and was Lead Physics Programmer for Star Wars: Force Unleashed for Wii.  And Tim Grant who is best known for his character skins in Dystopia and Blade Symphony by Puny Human Games.  These two guys are helping to make SALVATION into an all out offense on your gaming senses!  We'll also be announcing who is looking after our music soon too, and his stuff is perfectly suited in awesomeness for the game ;)Stay tuned for more regular updates.  Next up will be a nice in-game video of some of the destructible environment!